CDS Ensembles Inc., is a well-established, quick-turn, US-based, contract manufacturer specializing in fiber-filled comforters and blown decorative pillows for the home textile industry.

Capacity and Capabilities

  • 30 I-Tech Computer-Controlled Quilting Machines – Up to 30,000 comforters per week
  • Dual nozzle pillow blower Up to 25,000 decorative pillows per week
  • On-Site Fiberfill Production Up to 100,000 lbs of Thermal-Bonded, Garneted Fiberfill per week

Full-Service Shipping and Distribution System

  • AS400 Hosted System integrating Order Management, Production Scheduling, Inventory Control and Warehouse Management
  • Fully integrated support for all standard EDI messages
  • 14 Shipping and Receiving Docks

Rigorous inspections

  • Quality inspections and audits are integrated throughout our manufacturing, packing and shipping processes
  • JC Penney Certified